This harmonica has a classic design with sculptured metal cover. 


It is the timeless standard of diatonic harmonicas.
 If you are nostalgic for the sound of the past, this traditional diatonic is the right harmonica for you. 

The Suzuki Folkmaster harmonica is both easy to play and economical to purchase.


Its exceptional sound clarity and perfect tuning is made possible by a unique laser manufacturing process.


Thin bendable reeds produce a mellow tone and the widest choice of sound timbres available from any harmonica manufacturer.


The most exacting standards are used together with a molded plastic waterproof body and classically sculptured metal covers to make your musical experience as rewarding as possible. Includes a hard shell carrying case.


Includes a hard shell carrying case.

1072 | Suzuki Folkmaster 10-hole Major Diatonic Harmonica

SKU: 1072

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