Martin's ukulele strings offer an easy playing feel, excellent tuning stability and a warm clear tone.

The high tensile fluorocarbon holds tunings longer and improves harmonic output for consistent true tone.

Experience the small but mighty sound of Martin Ukulele strings.


Martin Baritone ukulele strings are made with clear fluorocarbon, aluminum wrap wire, and silver-plated copper on nylon.


  • E-1st - Clear Fluorocarbon - .0220"
  • B-2nd - Clear Fluorocarbon - .0251"
  • G-3rd - Aluminium Wound on Nylon - .0340"
  • D-4th - Silverplated Copper on Nylon - .0350"


M630 | Ukulele Strings | Baritone Ukulele Strings | Martin

SKU: M630

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