Encore Classic Guitars have enjoyed a market leading reputation for many years as the #1choice for student classical instruments. These easy-to-get-on-with guitars are the ideal way to begin learning the exciting skills of playing classical guitar, at any age.

• Top: Laminate
• Back & Sides: Laminate
• Fingerboard: Maple
• Neck: Maple
• Bridge: Maple
• Machineheads: Gold/Nylon Roller


• Scale Length: 590mm (3/4 Size)

• Scale Length: 650mm (4/4 Size)


ENC | Classic Guitar | Encore | 3/4, 4/4 | Natural

  • Encore has teamed up with Your Guitar Academy to provide online tuition to learn to play your Encore guitar.

    Beginner courses are available for classic/acoustic, electric and bass guitar with hints, tips and lessons.

    Start learning to play today, sign up to your Free Encore Guitar Course HERE.


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Maintenance on music instruments.


Measures to ensure your safety and ours:

  • any work on instruments will begin after 72 hours (3 days) on receiving the instrument in the workshop.

  • your instrument will be handled with the right precautions to allow a safer and speedy collection.

All set-ups on Music instruments are suspended.