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One Stop Alto Sax

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

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The Odyssey Debut OAS130 Alto Saxophone is the perfect for any starter.

A reliable beginners instrument for all ages, this saxophone has a strong and durable body with a smooth response and tone.

In this presentation video Odyssey brass-wind designer and master craftsman Peter Pollard talks to Ben Robinson about the Odyssey Debut OAS130 Alto Saxophone.

About OAS130 Alto Saxophone

The Alto Saxophone  is very much favoured to start with for beginners and is heavily played in classical, jazz, big band, concert bands as well as being the lead voice in a lot of other music from funk to classical chamber music.  The alto saxophone is slightly smaller than the tenor and looks and sounds as you’d expect a saxophone to. Compared with the tenor sax it is lighter, slightly quieter, takes less puff and less finger stretching.

The  alto saxophone  is the best type of saxophone for beginners because they are the most common. When you are starting out on your  alto saxophone  journey, you'll need to become familiar with the sound of the saxophone by listening to music, especially jazz, and you're most likely to hear the alto saxophone.

All models in the Odyssey range of high quality brass band and orchestral instruments have been meticulously designed down to the finest details by Peter Pollard. It’s hardly surprising that, with over 50 years experience and having listened to the ‘wants’ of countless high profile musicians, this master craftsman is one of the most sought after custom brass and woodwind builders in the world.

At Odyssey, we recognise the significant contribution that an instrument makes to the willingness of a student to persevere, practice, pursue the process of learning to control and master the instrument, enjoy making music and progress.

With a luscious polished brass lacquered body, offset with clear lacquered parts, the aesthetics of the 'Eb' Alto Saxophone from the Odyssey Debut Series speak for themselves.

A real eye catcher without doubt, but it’s also the performance to cost ratio that make this beautiful Alto Sax a winner. Players from students to seriously professional musicians have commented on the excellent response, and it has been designed to provide comfort and security when performing in the high register, while maintaining a beautiful warm sound in any range - with superb intonation. As with all Odyssey instruments only the highest quality materials are chosen in the construction.

Reliable Beginners Instrument

Strong & Durable Body

Smooth Response & Tone



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Exam Books

Saxophone Exam Pack From 2022

Each book brings together the 9 selected exam pieces along with piano accompaniment and audio download codes, scales and arpeggios and sight reading material to support ABRSM's Grades Saxophone syllabus from 2022.

Saxophone Exam Pack

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Apps and practice tools codes

supplied with books.


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