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Browse through hundreds of musical instruments and accessories directly from our UK distributors' catalogues. Fill in the form to check for availability and costs.


Conditions Applies. Our distributors can change prices and services provided at any time without notice.

Danelectro logo.

Iconic, quirky and fun,

Danelectro guitars & basses

have been a part of Rock 'n' Roll history for over 60 years

and are still revered for their unique tone and easy playability.

Fret-King logo

Fret-King is the absolute pinnacle of British design, and we are dedicated to producing the best guitars you can buy, whatever the price. Whatever we do, there’s a reason!

Laka, logo.

Setting the standard for well constructed, playable and tonally accurate ukuleles,

Laka are proud to boast the legendary Joe Brown as a signature artist.

Grover, logo.

Grover are recognised worldwide as industry leaders for high-quality replacement machine heads, bridges and more for electric, acoustic, bass guitars and folk instruments.

Floyd Rose, logo.

Floyd Rose offers a vast array of replacement vibrato systems, upgrades and spares, and are used and trusted by some of the most influential and famous guitar players on the planet.

Kustom, logo.

Kustom honors its trend-setting past by building award-winning amplifiers

with features and tones that inspire a whole new generation of players.

Take the time to investigate a new Kustom amp for yourself. Listen to their unique, soulful tones.

Experiment with their one-of-a-kind features. We think you’ll come away wondering why you hadn’t checked out Kustom a lot sooner!

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