Wittner s Finetune Pegs are a revolution for stringed instrument players. They can be fitted to instruments of any price, replacing the traditional pegs, but retaining the traditional look and feel. Internally geared, eight turns of the peg head converts to one turn of the central spindle, allowing for exact and easy tuning much like a guitar machinehead. Finetune pegs always ensure that tuning is simple, fast and accurate, and naturally, they never slip or get stuck. So lesson time can be spent learning rather than tuning.


A superior quality Violin outfit designed specifically for the discerning student.


Hand carved straight grained spruce table.

Figured, flamed maple ribs, scroll and back.

Ebony fingerboard, pegs and endpin

Chin rest with gilt fittings.

Half mounted wood bow with ebony frog.

Light alloy tailpiece with gilt adjusters.

Strung with synthetic core strings.

Case included.

Hidersine Piacenza Violin 4/4 Finetune Outfit - W3191

SKU: W3191