G7th Performance 3 Art.


The G7th Performance 3 Art, showcases exceptionally innovative design and promises to be a small but truly mighty addition to your guitar.


The Adaptive Radius Technology (ART) which adapts to the curvature of your fretboard, resulting in even pressure across the strings.


  • Equipped with internal silicone pads for finish protection.
  • Unique Tension Control System - Even pressure across the strings, and unlike simple spring capos, it maintains tuning integrity as you control the tension.
  • Easy to use - Designed for one-handed use, in any sized hands. With a little practice it's nearly as quick to move between frets as a spring capo, but without the need for frequent retuning.
  • Versatile - For most steel string or hybrid nylon string guitars. Stores easily behind the nut for quick and easy access, or on the headstock.
  • Award-winning quality - All G7th ART capos carry a Free Lifetime Warranty.


G7th ART | Guitar Capo | G7th Performance 3

SKU: G7-CAP-200-638