NEO SLING offers a great alternative to the conventional neck strap. The weight of the saxophone is evenly distributed over the shoulder and across the back, which eliminates neck fatigue.

It's an ideal strap for individuals with neck problems.

This neoprene shoulder sling gives the performer more freedom of movement while continuing to offer Neotech's patented weight reduction system.

The saxophone feels 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable.


  • Fits most saxophones and other instruments using our unique swivel hook
  • Comfort-curve neoprene pad rests on the left shoulder while the strap adjusts across the back and connects in front using a quick disconnect
  • Fully adjustable
  • Sizes (circumference): Regular - Approx. 38" - 48"; X-Long - Approx. 46" - 63"

2101162 | Regular Saxophone Sling | Neotech

SKU: 2101162